How To Talk About P___ in Polite Company


Here’s a thought: even if the core of a message is legitimate and supported by facts, how that message is delivered sometimes matters more.

How often are consumers turned off by a product because of poor messaging? Here’s an example: Carl’s Jr., the restaurant. Some people have been too deterred by their objectifying, hyper-sexualized ads to even think twice about trying one of their burgers.

Raising awareness about the harms of pornography is an educational movement that benefits society—unlike this example of degrading advertising that does just the opposite. But consider how that same principle could apply to this movement.

Porn is an emotionally-charged, sometimes controversial, and definitely personal issue. That’s a fact. If we’re not careful, the way we talk about porn’s harms can turn people off to learning, preventing them from truly listening to important facts that are vital for their health and happiness in today’s pornified world.

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Dave ScrivenComment