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When a man makes promises he cannot keep and continues down the path of sexual addiction, his life begins to unravel. He cannot simply plateau at an acceptable level of dabbling in forbidden sex for one simple reason: wrong sexual pleasure never satisfies. Yesterday’s five minutes of soft porn becomes today’s hour of hardcore, and, while the future is unpredictable, one certainty remains – his addictive behavior will escalate.

The Pursuit of Porneia is a review of the culture of sexual addiction and a biblical pathway to recovery. The book highlights the work of 423 Men, an addiction recovery program based on Solomon’s 3,000-year old mandate recorded in Proverbs 4.23: 

“Guard your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.”

The Pursuit of Porneia is not about stopping the addict’s bad sexual behavior. It’s about helping him discover the reasons for his bad sexual behavior. The intended byproduct of both the book and 423 Men is sexual sobriety, but that is not the focus of recovery. The program is designed, rather, to help members find out why they do what they do. This journey of self-discovery is the starting point for a man trying to wrench himself free from porneia’s destructive grip. 

A man caught in the web of sexual addiction must find the courage and humility to seek help and address the underlying negative emotions which have historically contributed to his addictive pattern of relapse. He can overcome sexual sin, but he cannot do it alone. He needs Jesus and his brothers in recovery.

There is hope. 

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What others are saying about pursuit of porneia:

“I would always devour the ‘Red Barron’ report every time it was published. It was a classified document summarizing all the enemy aircraft activity and tactics in the last several months of combat. It was a must read because it came from the heat of battle and the front lines of the air war I was involved in at the time. It saved my life numerous times! Dave Scriven’s book The Pursuit of Porneia is a spiritual Red Barron report for men. It comes from his experiences of leading 423 groups for years in the hand to hand combat of setting men free from the grip of sexual bondage. I love Dave’s passion and honesty concerning the battles he has personally fought and won. I highly recommend this critical combat document. It is one of the best practical applications of the Pure Desire materials I have developed over the years.” 

– Dr. Ted Roberts

Founder of Pure Desire Ministries International and author of Pure Desire and Seven Pillars of Freedom

The Pursuit of Porneia is the right book for the right time. It uncovers the devastating effects of pornography on individuals and their relationships without pulling any punches, yet it offers hope for a way of escape. Speaking as one who has broken free from pornography's bondage, Dave Scriven offers a firsthand view of both the despair of addiction and the joy of freedom that can be found. Straightforward, insightful, and thought-provoking, this book is essential reading for anyone struggling with or who knows someone struggling with pornography.” 

– Dr. Deborah Miller

Principal of Westside Christian High School

Dave's heart and insights are invaluable, timely, and a necessary resource for equipping men to walk in holiness. The Pursuit of Porneia demonstrates that purity is not only necessary for spiritual maturity, but is the catalyst for discovering and unpacking our God given potential. Saturated in Scripture, deeply practical and personal, this book is a must read for any man desiring a closer walk with Jesus.” 

– Dominic Done

Pastor of Westside A Jesus Church