Dave’s Scriven’s work with 423 has been the single most effective tool for sexual healing in our church, bar none. Hundreds of men have discovered freedom like never before. Not surprisingly, it’s also one of the best spiritual formation tools I know of. Men come as sex addicts in isolation; they leave as disciples of Jesus in community.
— John Mark Comer, pastor for teaching and vision at Bridgetown Church and author of Garden City

You are not alone.

Pornography, in all its many forms, is an addictive, world-wide epidemic. It destroys countless numbers of lives, marriages, and families. Porn fuels the sex industry, including illegal activities such as prostitution, child pornography, and human trafficking.

423 Communities are men, women, and young people recovering from the devastation caused by bad sexual choices. We are radically committed to helping others overcome sex addiction, and to stopping the spread of pornography in our churches, in our city of Portland, Oregon, and in communities all around the world.

Since the inception of our recovery program in September 2009, well over seven hundred individuals have experienced progressive sexual sobriety by joining a 423 community. Today, about two hundred and fifty men, women, and young people meet weekly in 423 recovery groups at a variety of locations. 

We are called to protect our world, our marriages, our families, and especially our children from illicit sexual activities. You can help… Say "No” to pornography in your own life, participate as a member or leader in an existing 423 recovery community, and provide vital financial and technological support to our organization. Our goal is to kill the porn industry, with the help of one recovering addict at a time. We will reach the world with the message of God’s gift of healthy sexuality.

If you want to start a 423 Community chapter in your city or church, please contact us at info@423Communities.org. We are here to help.

There is hope.

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