8 Hollywood Stars Who Have Spoken Out On Pornography’s Harms

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Any time a celebrity speaks up about porn’s harmful effects, countless more people have the opportunity to see what the research is saying.

It isn’t common that you’ll hear a public statement, though, given the taboo and sometimes controversial topic of porn. These high-profile public figures are usually pretty careful with what they say to the media, especially when talking about subjects that a lot of people consider taboo.

However, due to the science and research that is coming out daily on the harmful effects of porn, more and more celebrities are starting to take a stand and voice their opinions about the prevalence of porn in our society, and how it has affected them personally.

We found these athletes and movie stars, plus a couple in the video above, who have directly and publicly addressed the issue of pornography and why they think it’s harmful.

Of course, there are plenty more celebs who don’t support it, but these are stars who have been the most outspoken, bold, or insightful in talking about porn’s harms. Their reasons and experiences are varied, but the message all boils down to the same fact: porn is anything but harmless entertainment.

Celebrities featured in this article are Terry Crews, Emma Thompson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Russell Brand, Lamar Odom, Hugh Grant and more! To read their stories see the full article at https://fightthenewdrug.org/8-hollywood-stars-who-dont-watch-porn/

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