Typical 423 Communities Meeting

423 groups are gender-specific and meet weekly throughout the year.  

Groups consist of a maximum of twelve men or women of various ages, vocations, and backgrounds who share this one thing in common: All members of 423 Communities are sincerely seeking help in their struggle with sexual sin.   

Meetings are no more than two hours long, and always begin and end in prayer. 

The “423 Communities Guidelines” are read at every meeting. 

Meetings consist of a short, assigned lesson with the majority of the time spent in open discussion and personal sharing. 

Sharing insights from regular devotional prayer, Bible reading, and personal journaling (PBJ) is a regular part of 423 meetings.     

423 members report on the previous week’s successes and failures with sexual sin and lust.  

 Members are asked to establish and share their personal sexual sobriety lines with the members of the group. Each week members report on their progress in recovery.  

 All members of 423 will be given an opportunity to share their personal story of struggle and journey of healing from sexual sin.   

 Every individual is expected to fully and honestly disclose the nature of his/her sexual sin.  

 No one is allowed to cross-talk, offer advice, or preach at other members of the group. This is a subtle way of introducing shame and judgment.   

 423 meetings offer a safe and grace-filled environment for members to confess their sexual failings with others in recovery who offer empathy, compassion, mercy, and strength.       

 When members see each other in a public place, they guard each other’s anonymity. They do not reveal another member’s connection to 423 to those outside the group.   

 What is shared in a 423 group remains there. A member who intentionally breaks confidentiality by revealing personal information to people who are not part of the group may be asked to leave 423. 

 If married or engaged, members fully and honestly confess their history of sexual sin to their husband or fiancé (wife or fiancée). Initial disclosure of this kind should be made early in the recovery process after prayer, careful preparation, and wise counsel from group leaders.   

 Members of 423 Young Men or 423 Young Women are encouraged to share their history of sexual sin with their parents or guardians if they believe their home is a safe environment for disclosure of this kind.  

 When 423 members have achieved and maintained sexual sobriety, and exhibit leadership skills, they may be invited to consider leadership in 423.