423 Communities… Then and Now


·       423 Communities International was originally founded as a ministry of Solid Rock in the fall of 2009. Back then, an announcement was made about a new sexual recovery ministry called 423 Men and we started quickly with about twenty-five men in two groups. 

·       Soon thereafter, our church launched Solid Rock Downtown and 423 Men thrived in both of these locations, Tigard and downtown Portland.

·       Today, Westside AJC hosts eight active 423 Men groups and two 423 Betrayal and Beyond communities.

·       Westside has also been host to 423 Women where about 150 women have benefitted from this ministry of sexual recovery since its start in 2014.

·       In October 2016, the Westside elders approved a plan for Dave to make 423 Communities a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization for the expressed purpose of “reaching outside the four walls” of our local church.

·       Since then, 423 Communities has welcomed well over 1,000 men and women actively involved in 423 Communities of sexual recovery.

·       Today, about 280 guys meet each week in twenty-six 423 Men groups at sixteen partner church locations in four states; Oregon, Washington, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

·       On Monday, June 17th, 423 Men will launch its newest group with ten guys at Outward Church in Salem, Oregon.

·       Besides Westside AJC and Bridgetown Church, host churches include Colossae (Tigard), Colossae (Hillsboro), Van City (Vancouver), Cedar Mill Bible, Newberg Christian, The Bridge (Tigard), Riversgate Four Square (Multnomah Village), Mosaic (NE Portland), Clear Creek Church (Gresham), Oregon City Christian, Grace City (NE Portland), Emmaus (North Carolina), City Collective (Chattanooga, Tennessee), and Riverbend (Bend, OR).

·       Every single 423 Men group that started in the past ten years continues to thrive with new members. Not one group has failed.

·       423 Communities has recently received invitations to start groups at Reformed Covenant Church (Oregon City) and Imago Dei (NE Portland).

·       We have an active 423 Women group meeting at Grace City (NE Portland) and plans to launch another Westside 423 Women group very soon.

·       Since the beginning of 2019, we have had ninety-five new 423 Communities inquiries and most of these men and women have been, or soon will, be placed in a 423 group.

·       The mission of 423 Communities International is to… shine the light of the gospel of sexual sobriety in every dark corner of the globe. With your help we can accomplish this lofty goal.

Would you like to join a group of men, women, or young people fighting against pornography and the spirit of porneia? Join a 423 Communities group today.

Pictured above is our recent fundraiser, “Freedom” Pancake Breakfast at Westside A Jesus Church last Saturday, June 8th, 2019.


Dave ScrivenComment