pb & j

423 Men practice PB & J (Prayer, Bible, and Journaling). For some of you, a Bible reading plan may be helpful.

There are 52 weeks and 260 weekdays in any given year (52 X 5 = 260). Coincidentally, there are also 260 chapters in the New Testament. By reading just one chapter of the New Testament every Monday through Friday which, by the way, take only a few minutes, you will finish the entire New Testament in a year.

If you are a little more ambitious, you may want to read the whole Old Testament in a year on this 5 day a week reading plan. Avid Bible students may accomplish the entire Bible each year by simply reading both Old and New Testament columns in the reading plan provided at the link below.

If you fall behind, use the weekends to catch up. If you fall far behind, don’t worry about it. Just pick up your reading for the day. The study of God’s Word should not be viewed as a competition or legal requirement for believers. You don’t have to read the Bible. You get to.

Enjoy your time in the Scriptures and read with a spirit of anticipation. Pray as you read and record your insights in a journal. Be faithful to your PB & J. Share your journal entries with the guys in your 423 Men group. Jesus will speak to you and your life will be forever changed!

You may obtain current versions of this Bible reading plan at this link:

2018 Bible Reading Plan


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