423 Communities Agreement

I understand that every attempt will be made to guard my anonymity and confidentiality in this group, but that it cannot be absolutely guaranteed in a group setting. 

I realize that the group leader cannot control the actions of others in the group. I realize that confidentiality is sometimes broken accidentally and without malice.  

I understand that I may share my own personal experiences in group with others outside group. I also understand that disclosing the identity or any information about others in the group with those outside group is strictly prohibited and may result in termination from 423.   

I understand that the group leader is morally and ethically obligated to discuss with me if he observes any of the following behaviors which may lead to the breaking of confidentiality and/or intervention: 

  • I communicate anything that may be interpreted as a threat to self-inflict physical harm.  

  • I communicate an intention to harm another person. 

  • I reveal any knowledge of ongoing sexual or physical abuse committed against me or others. 

  • I exhibit an impaired mental state. 

  • If I am a legal adult, I reveal that I am sexually involved with a minor or the abuse of a minor.  

  • I reveal that I am aware of or considering an act of child abuse or child molestation.   

  • I reveal that I am aware of or considering an abusive act toward an elderly person or persons with handicaps. 

The group leaders are committed to maintaining confidentiality. However, I have been advised that for my protection and the protection of potential victims, group leaders may need to break confidentiality if they have concerns about the above types of information and believe I might be in danger of hurting myself or others, or am aware of the threat of harm to others. In cases like these, reports may be made to the proper authorities – police, suicide units, services to children and families, as well as to potential victims. I further acknowledge that if I am under the supervision of adult or youth authorities, part of recovery may include the need to notify these authorities of my involvement in group. If I am a legal adult on probation and/or parole and I engage in wrongful behavior in violation of my parole/probation, part of my healing and recovery may include notification to the proper authorities.  

I understand that this is a Christ-centered group, which integrates recovery tools with the Bible and prayer, and that all members may not be of my particular church background. I realize that the Bible may be discussed more or less than I would like it to be. 

 I realize that this is a support group, and not a therapy group. I understand that the group leader is qualified by “life experience,” and not by professional training as a therapist. The leader’s role in this group is to create a climate where healing may occur and to support my personal recovery work.