“I feel that I have come a long way in the nearly three years I have attended group. I feel blessed that this opportunity came into my life as I truly feel it was pivotal in saving my marriage and myself from what felt like an unbeatable enemy… Thank you again for all the work you have put into building such a great resource for me struggling with sexual purity.”


“In no other context in my entire life have I felt the ability to wrestle so deeply with my faith and learn what it means to walk with Jesus. 423 has made me significantly bolder in facing my problems…”


“Before 423 I didn’t give a crap about following anything. I grew up in the church but… never experienced love through my shame… I would not be married if it were not for 423.”


“I was always focused on fixing my sexual sin and since joining [423 Men] I’ve learned to fix my whole life around Jesus…”


“Going into the group, I was struggling with looking at porn multiple times a day. I felt so disgusting because of my secret sin… I always asked myself, ‘Why would God forgive me or want anything to do with me…?’ Since entering the [423 Men] group, I have gone without porn or masturbation just under a year and a half…”


“I feel equal to other people most of the time whereas before I felt like I was less than other people…”


“For 50 plus years, I have never been able to end my masturbation and pornography. I have been able to abstain for 15 months from everything except some double takes. Thank you God and thank you 423. I have never felt so close to God…”


“[423 Men] has been the most ‘real’ church that I have ever done.”


“I have learned to focus on progress, not perfection, in effort to overcome the potentially devastating cycle of shame and its effects on our soul.”


“…I am more often thinking of and talking to God now rather than of thinking of and fantasizing about sex/porn.”


“I used be a hypocrite, going to church and pretending to be the good Christian that I wanted people to see. Now I am living a life of honesty and openness about my struggles and not putting on a mask for people.”


“It [423 Men] has held me accountable for sexual sin. This has been where I have sinned more than anywhere in my walk.”


“Being a part of a [423 Men] community has kept me from depression.”


“A lot more aware of why I do what I do! And to know I’m not the only one dealing with it.”


“Being free of my past addiction (pornography and masturbation) finally gave me the peace of mind that God was truly my Savior. Growing up a Christian I worried that my habitual sin would cost me my salvation…”


“I was addicted to pornography and was starting to make decisions that were escalating my addiction. I hit a point where I knew I needed help or else I would go completely over the deep end. Since finding and joining 423 I have started to learn who God is and his love for me…”


“I love having a place to come share big and small things that are going on in my life… it allows me to feel safe to share as well. As of right now there is nothing in the area of sexual addiction or root issues that I have felt I couldn’t share with my group.”


“…[My 423] group is a wonderful, open group of guys who have ALWAYS shown tremendous support and love for each other.”


“There is no shame in group. I feel everyone there appreciates me regardless of what I tell them.”


“Even in the most sensitive areas imaginable where I thought people would shun me for my past, I was surprised to find that my honesty was rewarded with grace and acceptance.”


“I trust the guys in this [423] group more than anyone else…”


“There’s nothing I can’t share [at 423].”


“I realized that it was my secrets that were keeping me enslaved.”


“I feel extremely safe in my 423 group.”


“It honestly took about 2 years [in 423 Men] before I really saw a major change… My initial focus was to stop doing bad things (i.e., porn masturbation), but I am now focused on the true health and wholeness in the Lord (i.e., healthy sexual relationship with my wife, learning to trust others again, building lasting friendships, valuing intimacy over isolation). All along I’ve seen slow and steady gains in reducing the frequency of the times I ‘act out,’ but it has taken years for me to get to a place where I can learn to stop coping with life and start living with boldness and a fierce love for others.”


“Since joining 423 a year and a half ago, I have been porn and masturbation free. The first few months I was ‘white knuckling’ it because I didn’t want to have to share that I had messed up with the group. After that, my heart began to change. Now, the reason I don’t want to look at porn is because I don’t want to feel the separation from Jesus, not just because ‘it’s bad.’ Also, I was able to address root issues of abandonment with my dad and sexual abuse as a child. I have experienced healing in these areas and forgiveness for those people because of Jesus working through the men and materials in group.”


“Before 423, I had no intimate/close relationship with any other guys. Now I have several. I can cry, laugh, share life with other men. Also, I have learned how to have a close, loving intimate (sexually, emotionally, etc.) relationship with my wife. Complete night and day difference in this category for me since joining the group.”


“For the first time in my life, I feel God’s grace. It is a great feeling and I thirst for more.”