423 Communities in Your Church


It all started when...


423 Communities had its start as 423 Men, a recovery ministry of Westside A Jesus Church (formerly called Solid Rock). Since its inception in 2009, over 600 people have been actively involved in 423 sexual recovery groups, discovering purity, in some cases, for the first time in decades.   

Here’s an interesting statistic:

According to the research approximately 64 percent, or two thirds, of U.S. men admit to viewing porn at least monthly, with the number of Christian men nearly equaling the national average.
— “Christian men view porn almost as much as non-Christians”, Joseph Pelletier, ChurchMilitant.com, January 18th, 2016.

If it is true that more than ½ of the men sitting in the pews of your church on a Sunday morning are secretly using pornography, then is it any wonder that these men are thwarted in their desire to fulfill the Great Commission and “make disciples of all nations?” Satan is a terrorist with one, and only one, aim… the complete annihilation of every believer. His objective is destruction and one of his most effective strategies is the snare of sexual addiction in the lives of men, women, and young people.

423 Communities International exists to assist you in standing up to the bully of porneia with the help of one recovering addict at a time. We have developed a proven and ‘turn-key’ methodology for establishing an on-going program for sexual recovery in any local church.

The program is not free, but there will be no cost to you. People whose lives have been changed by 423 Communities will underwrite this program in your church. If the program is effective in your church, you may want to consider 'paying it forward' to the next church launching 423.

You can expect the following benefits:

  1. A reduction of pastoral care hours spent in crisis counseling, committee meetings, and program development designed to curb the pornography problem in your church.
  2. Your congregants liberated from the insidious grasp of porneia and now able to use their gifts in your church for the advancement of the kingdom of God on earth.
  3. The development of leaders from your church to carry on the mission of healthy sexuality, establishing a safe place for people to find freedom from this terrible addiction. 

Jesus said, “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16.18). Jesus Christ established His church, in part, for the purpose of smashing “the gates of hell” and setting captives free. 423 Communities will partner with you to break the demonic power of pornography in the lives of your church members. We have no other agenda than to help Jesus build His church by strengthening your congregation and building strong leaders in your community of faith.  

For more information on how to bring 423 Communities to your church, please contact us at info@423communities.org or (503) 898-0423.  Thank you.

Dave Scriven

Executive Director, 423 Communities International